Reminiscing My Grandmoms!!! Ms. Sworu Roy John (California)

 Reminiscing My Grandmoms!!!  Ms. Sworu Roy John (California)

          My grandparents are in Heaven now, and they left a huge hole of grieving loss in my heart. Though,  both my grandmothers were opposite in characters, they had the high significance in my life. My father’s mother always stood out because she impacted me the most. She has always been the best version of herself and she was my best teacher ever.

     She neither gave anyone an unsolicited advice nor judged anyone on anything. Her life emitted its best message to everyone who related to her because it depicted her bold reactions towards her life struggles. She wasn’t fortunate to get highly educated from a school. Even though, she was so skilful from her life lessons. She single-handedly raised up her seven children, after my grandfather passed away  when she was just 30. She motivated her children to be responsible for getting the best life. She was highly respected by everyone in my native place. Everyone stood up to show their adequate respect when she walked into a room. No professional accolades defined her, but her mere presence commanded the respect for her without any titles or awards. She was the most resourceful person I ever knew other than my father. She is one of my role models and I’m trying to keep myself a woman of my word as she was.

          My two grandmothers were like two sides of the same coin. I’ve memories around both of them to carry through the years and to my end. I still feel her withered fingers run through my thin hair whenever I think about her – She is my other grandmother, my mother’s mother!

          I liked to listen to her when she spoke in her little whiny voices about her childhood and her other memories. Sometimes it made me laugh so hard, sometimes it rolled tears out of my eyes, and I asked for more stories along with my hair massage. And she gave me more, tirelessly! I wasn’t lucky enough to treasure the time with my grandfathers. In remembering my grandparents, I hold a humongous bundle of eternal void inside me even though it’s filled it their memories. When they left us, I heard the music of my family as fierce as a weep, which turned to whisper and disappeared in the atmosphere.

          A mix of my grandmothers’ characters makes an exact woman which I strive to be like. This is the kind of legacy I want to leave behind to whoever I meet in this world. I want to be remembered as an upbeat energy like my grandmothers even after I leave this world.

                       From Ms. Sworu Roy John (California)