“Actions speak louder than words” by Sr Máire O’Byrne FMA

“Actions speak louder than words”                                            Sunday Reflection for 26th Week


The parables of Jesus give us our best portrait of God. In last Sunday’s gospel we saw a God who was so crazily in love with humanity that he was ready to pay a full day’s wage for even one hour’s work. In today’s gospel, the story of the two sons, we see how God desires to have us as co-workers, yet respects our freedom and is ready to accept us whenever we are ready to respond.

Many things in life have changed little since the time when Jesus told this story. Some of us still talk a lot about what needs to be done, while others do it. Jesus’ story presents us with two sons and their father. Neither son seems very willing to work in his father’s vineyard, but at least the first comes around to doing what his father had asked him to do. The second son is simply a talker; he is ready to say ‘yes’ immediately but does nothing about it. His brother instead, while seeming to reject his father’s request at first, later shows himself to be a doer and although he did not seem very willing in the beginning he gets the job done.

WHICH SON AM I LIKE? Are there areas in my life where I say ‘yes’, but do nothing about it? How could I become more of a doer? Even if I have said ‘no’ to God up to now it is not too late to change my mind and my life like the first son. In God’s book no change comes too late, as we see in the first reading. God respects our choice and accepts how we live now, not at how we were in the past or what we might be in the future.

Many of us know people who are seemingly not very religious, but who live human and Christian values in a very real way. Perhaps these are today’s examples of the first son in Jesus story. Like Jesus we need to go beyond appearances.

However, neither son gives an example of wholehearted obedience to God in life. Paul in the second reading, presents the great example, Jesus, telling us: “in your minds you must be the same as Christ Jesus.”

So we pray: God, ever faithful and ever new, make us doers and not just talkers, swift to do your will and slow to judge our neighbour, that we may walk with all those who follow the way of repentance and faith and so reach your heavenly kingdom. Amen!

God bless you!