Joy of Boys: Mrs. Neilevono Vupru, Chummukedima, Nagaland

Joy of Boys: Mrs. Neilevono Vupru, Chummukedima, Nagaland        “Joy of boys”,  the words of Sir Judson, my former Principal, hit its mark when one day he asked me, ‘ Neile, how many sons do you have?’ I said, ‘Sir, I have three.’ Then he said, ‘ Bringing up boys!… sometimes they don’t behave […]

Reminiscing My Late Father on his 110th Birthday Dr. Fr. AJ Sebastian sdb,

Reminiscing   My  Late   Father  on  his  110th  Birthday   My father Bavoo Joseph was born on 26 September 1907, and incidentally, I was born on the same day, 46 years later, as his youngest son. It is wonderful to share the same date of birth with my father and other great luminaries born on that day […]

Reminiscing My Grandmoms!!! Ms. Sworu Roy John (California)

 Reminiscing My Grandmoms!!!  Ms. Sworu Roy John (California)           My grandparents are in Heaven now, and they left a huge hole of grieving loss in my heart. Though,  both my grandmothers were opposite in characters, they had the high significance in my life. My father’s mother always stood out because she impacted […]