Shoulder my yoke and learn from me” by Michał Jeszke

Shoulder my yoke and learn from me”                                                      14th Sunday Reflection


“Shoulder my yoke”. For centuries these words of Jesus are encoded in the sign of the priestly stoal. By putting it on neck, the priest inserts the yoke of Christ. The yoke of responsibility for the faithful, but also the yoke of his own faith. Yes, faith is also our cross. Anyone who has experienced doubts or any other difficulties in prayer knows what I am talking about. The main issue is how we approach the Christ yoke. What should we do, so it does not overburden us?

First of all, we must not allow our faith to be reduced to an empty law (such as only orders, prohibitions or tradition). When we lose the relationship with God as a person, we will awake on our knees before a piece of a tree in the shape of a cross, or a picture that tells us nothing. In this way we get rid of motivation and strength, and finally we can give up our faith by treating it as unnecessary weight.

The second reason we do this is the pride which Jesus talks about in today’s Gospel. The lack of “humble of heart” extinguishes our faith. A good example is the story from Genesis. There was a yoke in the form of a ban on the consumption of fruit from only one tree. Our pride cannot accept the existence of any prohibition that we are not the author of. We want to “be like God.” Today Jesus says “being like God” means “to be humble heart”.

So the relationship with God and the daily concern for humility is a lesson from today’s passage of the Gospel. May our guide be Mother Teresa, a woman who has earned the absolute recognition of all: great politicians, culture makers, the media – every time she came to the United States, this was the news headline. At the same time she was a woman of extraordinary humility. She used to say: I am only a small pencil which God writes.

Let us fight for humility and do not get rid of the difficulties in our live, let us not seek faith which does not challenge us, but let us seek in these experiences the opportunity to learn from Jesus and find comfort in Him.