WINDS OF CHANGE by Arek Orzechowski

WINDS OF CHANGE                                                                                       Reflection for Pentecost  Sunday


What can be compared to the action of the Holy Spirit?
One comparison that the Bible gives us is wind. The wind carries the pollen of flowers and sows new plants. The wind dries the field after rain. It is a force that crumbles rocks, drives windmills, blows the sails of ships on the seas. We cannot see it. In everyday life we don’t pay too much attention to it, yet it can have a great impact on our lives.

Today’s first reading shows us community of the early Church – the disciples of Jesus that had been praying in the Cenacle. They lived with their memories of the teachings and miracles of Jesus. The joy of meeting after the Resurrection and the vision of the Ascension strengthened them, but didn’t brighten their idea of the future.

Paradoxically, common memories, fears and hopes have consolidated their sense of community. They were all in one place, and waited for the power of Jesus that was to come to their aid. After all, He promised them the Holy Spirit, who would teach them all.

Suddenly they heard what sounded like a powerful wind from heaven, the noise of which filled the entire house in which they were sitting. (…) And they were filled with the Holy Spirit, and began to speak foreign languages as the Spirit gave them the gift of speech…

Who can measure the strength of the wind? Who can appreciate the gift of the Holy Spirit? – only the person, who will surrender to his power, who will expand the sail of faith broadly.

Fishermen, custom officers, simple people of the early Church, with the experience of their weakness and strengthened in the community, accepted the Holy Spirit as their new guide. The gift they received led them to the farthest corners of the world at that time, and they became the heralds of the Good News.

So, if you want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit – Open the sail of your faith, and let yourself to be guided with the gift that you receive.