If only… I will be satisfied” by Sr Mary Bridget Dunlea FMA

If only… I will be satisfied”                                               Reflection for 5th Sunday of Easter


When I read the Scripture passages chosen for this Sunday one word spoke  strongly  to me – the word “satisfied.” Philip said to Jesus, “ Show us the Father and we shall be satisfied.” The word “satisfied” sums up  all  the “if  only’s” in our lives. How often we place our hopes in achieving one particular target!  I will be satisfied. How often our prayer to God goes like this, “ If only you give me this intention, I will be satisfied.”… If only… I will be satisfied.

Sometime, it helps not to be “satisfied.” In the First Reading from the Acts of the Apostles, we are told that the Hellenists complained  because  those in need were being neglected.  The Apostles did not dismiss  the complaint – they prayed about it, and discerned  that it should be addressed.
And a new ministry was born in the early days of Christianity – one of the works of mercy.

Is’nt  this a beautiful and graced moment in the history of our Church? We see different “callings” or vocations being recognised. The Apostles devoted themselves “to the service of the Word.” Others devoted themselves to works of mercy.

Jesus said to the disciples, “I am now going to prepare a place for you.” A place in our home  in  Heaven – yes. But, how about the place He has prepared for us here… a place   where  He wishes that we  proclaim Him by our lives.

After all, St. Peter in the Second Reading, told us  that  we  are  “a chosen race, a royal  priesthood, a consecrated nation, a people set apart to sing the praises of God.”

If only we could appreciate our calling, our dignity, we would be satisfied.

Jesus promised us, “Whoever  believes in Me will perform the same works as I do Myself; he will perform even greater works, because I am going to the Father.” Was He stepping out so that we might move in and “do the same works?”

Pope Francis tells us, “that  the challenge for us is to find Jesus in the faces of others –  in  their voices, in their pleas, in their needs.”

Who depends on me today, now, to be satisfied?

Where and why am I not  “satisfied?”