The Emmaus Moment” by Bro. Pádraig McDonald SDB

The Emmaus Moment”                                                                   Reflection for 3rd Sunday of Easter


That very same day a group of them were on their way into a common future. As they walked into this uncertain future, they talked. As they talked to one another, GOD joined them and moved with them. But something kept them from seeing and understanding.

So, God entered their hearts and asked:

The group stopped, full of fear and anxiety, and began to reflect, saying:
We thought it would be simpler.
We thought our choices would be clearer.
We thought our values and priorities would be more evident.
We thought there would be more uniformity.
We thought we would agree more easily on basic issues.
We thought God would lead us more directly.
We thought that conflicts, doubts and confusion would lessen.
We thought our common enthusiasm would ensure a common vision.
We had hoped our future would be uncomplicated.
We had hoped things would not be so messy.
We had hoped our experiences would confirm what we knew, not change it.
We had hoped our familiar theories would still fit.
We had hoped… We had hoped…

And now, some among us are saying that things are not as we first imagined them to be. Now some are saying that the future continues to challenge us in different ways:

And God said:
How hard it is for you to trust?
Have I not promised from the beginning to be with you, to sustain you, and to continually reveal my plans to hearts that are OPEN?

Have I not promised you more than you can ask or imagine?

And God spent time going over the history of the people gathered, and the ways that the mystery continues to be revealed. God recalled many ordinary events and interactions and showed the people God’s own way of
being with them.

They wondered if they could sustain that kind of hope: it felt as if God was not going to be present as clearly as they had thought. They invited God to remain with them and to continue to help them notice, celebrate and be open to the ongoing revelation – to walk through those doors into an unknown future.

And God chose to stay with the people
And God continues to stay with the people