“He is not here “ by Bro. Michał Jeszke

“He is not here”                                                                                                   Reflection for Easter Sunday

During the Easter Vigil we could hear the most difficult sentence in the entire Bible: He is not here. This sentence is like a wall. Some are hurt from it and turn around, others try to see what’s behind it. That was the Gospel today.

After three years of teaching and preparing disciples for this unique morning, Mary Magdalene’s first reaction is consternation. We do not know where they have put Him. It is very human, but Mary knows that she must look for answer with the Apostles. And here comes the very beautiful scene of two Apostles running to the grave. John reached first not only because he was probably much younger than Peter, but primarily because he knew the way. John, in contrast to Peter, attended the funeral of Jesus. He accompanied him in the most difficult moments. However, through great humility and respect for Peter, he passes him on the threshold of the grave, for Peter to be the first to experience this extraordinary mystery.

The road to the grave of Jesus is a very strong metaphor for our life. Each of us is running towards the grave, with each passing day approaching our death. How does the grave not imprison us for eternity? How to meet the Risen Christ? The Gospel speaks clearly – only in the community. The way of life, it is not the way of solitude. Peter needed John’s fidelity; John needed Peter’s authority. They both needed the love of Mary Magdalene, who set them in motion.

The Resurrected Jesus can only be found in the community, but each of us must sooner or later stand before an empty grave personally. I know that today is Feast Day, and probably the celebration is very engaging, but please, find at least 5 minutes to stop and ask yourself: What does an empty grave mean for me?

This is where facts come to the end. This is where our faith begins.

He is not here.

He is risen!