“The wonder of God’s creation” by Koenraad Van Gucht

“The wonder of God’s creation”                                                 Reflection for 8th Sunday


Ours is an age of anxiety. And with good reason, given the uncertainties of our times. Perhaps part of us thinks that times past were less complicated and that people therefore had less to worry about. Maybe. And yet they got anxious too.

A long time ago Jesus observed that Martha worried and fretted about so many things.Sound familiar? Today he tells his disciples not to worry about what they’re going to eat or wear.

And we might say, that’s all very well, but if you have no job or are drowning in debt, one might well worry about putting food on the table, and clothing the kids.

I don’t think Jesus is saying, Don’t worry, Be happy, Sit back, all will be well. No.

But he IS inviting us to look at life with a particular gaze. Look at the birds in the sky, he says. To do that we need we need to lift our heads and look up; Look at the flowers in the field; to do that we need to bend and look down; So look beyond yourself and your own little world, and attend to the gift of life that abounds around us; not to escape from reality into a naïve wonderland, but to be aware of the wonder of God’s creation, to be thankful for life – given bounteously and freely – and to trust in God’s ongoing care.

And as you gaze, attend too to the needs of others. They ask not just for food and clothing, but for love and justice. Taking care of others can in fact give us an energy and creativity that takes us away from our own obsession with external materialism that can hold us in its grasp, and stops us from seeing that life is about so much more.

Of course life will deal out all kinds of difficulty and disappointment. Jesus experienced it too, And he says to us, don’t let your worries consume you or make you feel abandoned by God.

The flowers he speaks of will wilt one day; and the birds in the sky will die; but in the mean time they live in the gift of God’s care. How much greater is his care of us! So we shouldn’t feel that everything depends on us. Allow God to be the God who says to us today, Just as a Mother will never forget her child, I will never forget you. Not ever.