“Light of the World” by Raymond McIntyre

“Light of the World”                                              Reflection for 5 Sunday of the Year

It is very attractive to look down from a height on a city all lit up at night. The word of god this Sunday reminds christians that they are called to be a city of light that attracts people to the lord and to his message. When we want to complement our friends we say they are the salt of the earth; salt preserves and adds flavour to food and in the same way christians are called to lend flavour to life by helping people to live good lives and create a wholesome society.

The gospel urges us to practise our faith wherever we are.the writer John Ruskin has given us a lovely picture of what the lord wants of us. He wrote that in the days before electricity, the streets were lit at night by gas-lamps. The lamplighters had to go from lamp to lamp lighting them with a burning torch.

One day, Ruskin could see the torch of the lamplighter lighting lamps as he went. Because of the darkness he couldn’t see the lamplighter but only the torch and the trail of lights it left behind him. After a short while Ruskin said to his friend… There, my friend, is a good illustration of Christians:

People may never have known them
Never have met them
Never even have seen them
But they know they passed through their world by the trail of light they left behind.

The christian must express Christ’s love in the world.practical ways of showing this love come from the prophet Isaiah:

• Feed the hungry
• Shelter the homeless
• Clothe the naked.

For Christians, what is expected is light not darkness. Neighbours talking and acting in a friendly manner ensures that the darkness of jealousy and hatred is kept away… This is to practise Christianity or as we read in the gospel to let our light shine.

As a christian i may not be a beakon of god’s love as many of the saints were but i ought to be able to be a candle that sheds light in my immediate vicinity at home and at work.