“The power of prayer and trust in God” by Lukasz Nawrat SDB

“The power of prayer and trust in God”                          Reflection for 29 Sunday


In this Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus talks to us about prayer and presents us with the parable of the unjust judge and the widow. The judge was not too keen to help the widow, but through her persistence and endurance, she received what she was asking for.

Generally, we have a good idea what prayer is, but at the same time for each one of us, it has a different meaning, understanding and practice, and sometimes, it is a very personal way of connecting with God.

Some time ago, a person told me that it is very easy to pray and trust in the Lord when everything was going well, but that in those moments when things go wrong, we start to tremble, to doubt and to put our trust in ourselves instead of God.

We start to push God away, to listen to our own voice instead of His. We pray, but we are lacking in trusting the will of God.

We pray in the morning, in the evening, at Mass, during the day, but also we can pray when travelling, when going to work or school, when climbing a hill, or just when meeting a friend.

We pray alone and in community. It is part of our daily life, and it gives us a powerful sense of belonging, being part of something greater which we do not yet fully understand.

Sometimes however, our prayer is concentrated mainly on ourselves, on what we want, on what we desire for God to give us or to do for us, and very often, we forget to ask God what He wants from us.

At other times, we might feel left all alone, neglected, abandoned, and we find it hard to see the point of prayer.

We might even say that God does not listen or that he does not want to help.

In the Gospel, Jesus says: “Now, will not God see justice done to His chosen who cry to Him day and night even when He delays to help them?”

Jesus assures us that the Father is listening to our prayers and that He is there for us all the time.

We need to have patience, to be persistent and to trust fully in Him. God does know what is the best for us. He does know well what we need to be saved.

So when you come to pray, open your heart to the Love of God, open your mind to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, asking Jesus to be with you, and entrusting your prayer into the Father’s hands.

God knows you very well and knows what you need in every moment of your life. Then listen to what He wants to tell you. Listen in silence when He speaks. Be safe! Trust in the Lord and be persistent in prayer.

God listens to you.