NEW BOOK RELEASED: Critical Essays on Naga Poets & Fiction Writers

NEW BOOK  RELEASED on 20 March 16Book Release 001:

In the  backdrop of  picturesque  Meriema village near Kohima, senior mothers

THESUO-Ü, LHOULIE-Ü and LHOUKRU-Ü,   released Critical Essays  on Naga Poets & Fiction Writers in English, authored by Dr. Fr. A.J. Sebastian sdb, former Professor & HoD English, Nagaland University. The organisers of the event felt it most fitting to release it in a rural setting, dedicating it to the Writers  and   their Protagonists  living in the rural beauty of  the misty mountains of Nagaland.  Dr. Vizovono Elizabeth, Head, Dept. of English, Baptist College, Kohima  introduced the book and the literary  luminaries.

The Book

The anthology is a compendium of  Critical Essays on Contemporary Naga Poets and Fiction writers presenting their  “Weltanschauung”  of life  which is an eye-opener to their  personal philosophy of  human life and the universe.  The writers  Temsula Ao, Easterine Kire, Monalisa Changkija, Nini Lungalang,   Avinuo Kire  and others explore   contemporary issues  in their society and  human predicament  in its multiple dimensions, coupled with lyrical exuberance.  They  have been   very articulate in expressing   their thoughts and feelings  to instruct as well as to delight the readers.

In the Forward to the book Dr. Nigamananda Das,  Professor & Head, Department of English, Nagaland University, Kohima Campus  writes: “Prof. A. J. Sebastian sdb has been a promoter of creative and critical writings in English in Nagaland for over a decade. He has been a great source of inspiration for many budding writers and a critic of their writings…   This collection of critical essays is the first critical work on the Naga poets and fictionists writing in English. The work will positively enthuse the writers to be more equipped in their art and craft and also the budding writers to come up with more works. Prof. Sebastian has adopted the comparative approach to analyze the Naga writers using various critical perspectives and philosophical orientations. Hence this commendable work will pave the ground for such further critical studies of the contemporary Naga writers on various forms of writing, analyzing themes and techniques enlightening the writers and scholars on this trend of writing in English.”

 The Author

Dr. Fr.  A.J. Sebastian sdb   is  former Professor & Head,  Department of English, Nagaland Central University,  Kohima Campus, where he taught the P.G., M.Phil &  PhD students for 16 years.   He has authored & edited  21 books and about 100 papers and articles for National & International Journals and Anthologies. His interests include Indian Writing in English with special reference to the Literature of the North East India and Management & Motivational studies. He continues to minister to students and teachers through Motivation Programmes & by creating digital environment  for them through  the website: www. 

The book will be available  at :

Don Bosco College, Kohima Mobile 9436011884; 

Bosco College of Teacher Education Dimapur Mobile 9436431786; 

NEISSR Bishop’s House Dimapur Phone 03862-233435;

Pastoral Centre at Holy Cross Dimapur, 

and at major Book stalls in Kohima  and Dimapur.        

Price:  200/-     ISBN 978-93-5258-465-9