Book on Veteran Salesian Fr. Matthew Pulingathil SDB released

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IN HIS NAME: Recalling  Past Memories,  in which veteran Salesian Rev. Fr. Matthew Pulingathi sdb recounts his story, was release at Don Bosco, Tinsukia  where Father Matthew resides,  by  the Rector of the house, Fr. Nazarius Lakra sdb on the eve of Don Bosco’s feast on  30th January tinsukia bk 12016.  Several Salesians from     Don Bosco Khobong, Don Bosco Doom Dooma, Don Bosco Amguri, Don Bosco Hijuguri  & Donwere present for the occasion besides Fr. Chacko  Kakkanatt and Fr. AJ Sebastian  from Kohima. Fr. Matthew presented the copies to all present beginning with his senior-most student Fr. Chacko whom he taught in 1952.

Appreciating the book Rev. Fr. Angel Fernandez Artime, Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco writes: “…By editing  this book and publishing it you have done a great service to the  confreres by helping them to recall not only the services rendered by Fr. Pulingathil to the Congregation, but also to help them remember and pay tribute to the other pioneers like him who have contributed to make Don Bosco known and loved in the region.”

The book was  released in Kohima by Fr. Roy   Mannattel sdb , Rector of Don Bosco Kohima on 30th January during the anticipated celebrations of Don Bosco’s feast. The copy was presented to Fr. Peter Salew sdb, Parish Priest of Christ King Kohima.

The book was  also released at Provincial House Guwahati  by  Archbishop  John Moolanchira of Guwahati presenting the first copy to  veteran Salesian Missionary Rev. Fr. Mario sdb, during the celebrations of Don Bosco’s feast  on 31 January 2016. Rev. Fr. V.M. Thomas sdb, Provincial, introduced the book on Fr. Matthew Pulingathil sdb who was a former Provincial of  Guwahati and Dimapur.

In the Province of Silchar, the books were distributed to all the members during the Provincial Chapter on 16 February 2016, as a tribute to  Fr. Pulingathil who also served the region as the Provincial of undivided Province of Guwahati from 1972 to 1978.

IN HIS NAME: Recalling  Past Memories, edited by Fr. AJ Sebastian sdb,  is the story of  Fr. Matthew Pulingathil  SDB, an outstanding Salesian Missionary, who has contributed much to the growth of the Salesian Missions in the Northeast India for over half a century as a Missionary, Teacher, Formator and  Provincial of the Provinces of Guwahati and Dimapur. The book recounts his life and works,   as he continues to be an inspiring  Salesian Missionary and Educator.

The book has  a foreword written by Fr. Nestor Guria sdb, Provincial of Dimapur where he writes, “Fr. Matthew,   hailing  from Kerala, opted for North Eastern Salesian Missions from the early sixties. Since then he has inculturated himself totally to the service of the people in the region.  He has served the Salesian Congregation in various capacities with great zeal and dedication. As Provincial of  the undivided Province of Guwahati, he tirelessly worked for the evangelisation and development of the whole North East. He emphasized the urgency of evangelisation and prepared missionaries through constant animation. When Guwahati Province was bifurcated he was once again given the responsibility of shouldering the newly erected Province of Dimapur in the capacity of Provincial. The missionary activities continued, so much so the province of Dimapur is known as “The Missionary Province.”

Following are the blurbs for the book:

“During my two extraordinary visitations done in the province of Dimapur,  I have heard the unanimous opinion that Fr. Pulingathil was one of the best provincials that the North-eastern provinces have had and that today he is one of the most sought after spiritual directors for a large number of confreres. He is equally at home with young kids who love him very much. I consider him one of the most significant Indian Salesian Missionaries in the North East of India. He came across to me as a highly mature and serene Salesian, close to God and to the poor.  I am certain his life story will be an alluring inspiration for the younger generations, besides being a good record of history.”  : Fr.  Kanaga Maria  Arokiam SDB, Salesian Regional Councillor for South Asia

 “Fr. Matthew Pulingathil stands tall in the Northeast arena as a colossal Salesian Priest and Educator, who performed his  duties with indomitable courage and conviction. His memoirs  inspire us to move on with zeal and determination to be effective evangelizers of the young.”   : Fr. V.M. Thomas SDB, Salesian Provincial of Guwahati 

 “Fr. Mathew Pulingathil has touched the lives of hundreds of Salesians in the region. They owe much to his concern, love and care. Thanks to his vision, leadership and commitment, the Salesian story has been thus shaped in this region. Fr. Pulingathil deserves to be acknowledged and remembered for generations to come” Fr. George Maliekal SDB,  Salesian Provincial of Silchar