The Mother was there”: Fr Ray McIntyre SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland

Reflection for 2 Sunday in Ordinary Time

“The Mother was there”:     

Being sensitive to the real needs of another person is a great gift to have if we hope to relate to that person. Even generosity can get us nowhere if sensitivity is missing.

Of course, sensitivity that doesn’t lead to appropriate action is useless but the ability to spot a neighbour’s needs and our willingness to meet those needs is a wonderful thing.

The gift of sensitivity is something we see in Mary in today’s gospel which recalls the first public miracle performed by Jesus at Cana in Galilee. The water is changed into wine, the best is kept until the end.

Mary seems to have been one of the first to realise that when Jesus brought the disciples with him to the wedding, the wine supplies were bound to be stretched. Mary lost no time on excuses or explanations. The bride and groom would be very embarrassed by suggestions of meanness. Mary wanted to help the couple so she turned to her son and asked him to help which he did with great generosity.

The miracle of Cana is not just about changing water into wine. The miracle has a deeper meaning. St John called it a sign, something that is pointing us to a deeper reality. At Cana the wine ran out. This was a way of saying that the old religion, the old observances, had been found wanting. The time had come for the promises of the old testament to be fulfilled. The prophets had foretold an abundance of wine with the coming of the messiah. At Cana Jesus provided just that. Those who tasted the new wine agreed that it was better than the old.

The miracle of Cana points to what would happen all through the ministry of Jesus. His presence would change the lives of those with whom he came into contact. He continues to do this for his followers today.

St John says in his account that the mother of Jesus was there. Mary trusted that her son could save the day and she challenged him to do so.

From her place in heaven Mary continues to intercede with her son on behalf of the church and of the world. You can put your trust in Mary, the woman of Cana.

Fr Ray McIntyre SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland