“God invites you to his feast” by Fr Koenraad Van Gucht SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland

“God invites you to his feast”

This feast of All Saints comes in the chill of autumn,
when nature seems to be dying;
shorter days; longer nights;
the richness of summer forgotten.
Everything seems dead.
But when we take a deeper look, we discover that nature is still very much alive

On this feast of All Saints we think of those gone before us.
But God tells, I am not a God of the dead, but of the living.
My love for you is faithful and forever. I will not leave you alone.
All Saints is your feast too.
I invite you to my feast. A feast of abundance, of life, of love.

Perhaps saints are not that fashionable nowadays.
After all, they can seem a bit remote: outside of ordinary, daily life.
God says, give me people with a beating heart,
people who live in the footsteps of my son today.
They are holy in the ordinary things of life.
Through them, life is full, sparkling, festive.
So God invites you to his feast.
A feast of joy, of trust, abundance.

On this feast we don’t just celebrate names on a calendar.
We celebrate the ordinary people who gave light and colour to the beatitudes in their daily lives. They’re everywhere.
Perhaps your parents, brother, sister, friend or colleague.

On this feast we thankfully celebrate these people who are examples to us.
On this feast God says to them, I give you life and breath.
In my kingdom of hope there is only light, warmth and goodness.
I invite you to my feast.

All saints means that God is intimately connected with his people and will never let them down.
THEIR goodness makes GOD’S goodness visible and real.
God is working through them and remains faithful to them.
Because God is a God of his Word.

All Saints is not a feast of the dead, but of the living:
People who are carried in the loving heart of the living God.

Fr. Koenraad Van Gucht SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland