“God invites you to his feast” by Fr Koenraad Van Gucht SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland

“God invites you to his feast” This feast of All Saints comes in the chill of autumn, when nature seems to be dying; shorter days; longer nights; the richness of summer forgotten. Everything seems dead. But when we take a deeper look, we discover that nature is still very much alive On this feast of […]

Dilemma in Asif Currimbhoy’s “Inquilab” (Revolution) : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Reign of  Terror  & Dilemma  in   Asif Currimbhoy’s Inquilab (Revolution): Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb Though several plays have been written in India dealing with a variety of social issues, there are very few who have written plays  which can be stage produced. This is where Asif Currimbhoy (1928-1975)  has his singular  position  by producing  realistic […]

Human Predicament in the Selected Plays of Asif Currimbhoy : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

            Human Predicament in  the Selected Plays of  Asif Currimbhoy : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb I do not subscribe to the opinion that Indian Drama is yet to   establish itself as a viable genre (Naik, Shyamala 2007:201). Though unacknowledged in comparison to poetry and fiction, Indian drama is there to stay with the  dramatic output […]


A  six day Retreat was held from 2 to 8 October 2015  for the Sisters of Mary Immaculate (SMI)  (popularly known as the Catechism Sisters of  Bishop Louis Morrow) in their Mother House at krishnagar, West Bengal. Fr. AJ Sebastian sdb animated the retreat where around 90 Superiors of Local Communities, Provincial Superiors and their Councils along with […]

Miss Benare’s Predicament in Vijay Tendulkar’s “Silence! The Court is in Session” : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Miss Benare’s  Predicament in Vijay Tendulkar’s Silence! The Court is in Session Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb Vijay  Tendulkar’s  Silence! The Court is in Session, is an intense  social criticism, satirizing  the norms and traditions of society.  It is a play with in a play in which a theatre group of  teachers rehearse a play to […]

“Strength in seeking help” : Rosemary O’Connor, Limerick, Ireland

“Strength in seeking help” : Rosemary O’Connor,   Limerick, Ireland                            Reflection for 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time This Sunday, we hear the story of Bartimaeus in Mark’s Gospel. Bartimaeus was a blind man; he wasn’t able to work because of his blindness and he had to resort to begging to survive. When Jesus passed by […]

Patriarchal Subjugation in Mahesh Dattani’s “Where There Is A Will” : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Patriarchal Subjugation  in  Mahesh Dattani’s “Where There Is A Will” : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb   Introduction   In “Where There Is A Will” Mahesh Dattani  draws attention to the complexities of   relationships under patriarchal hegemony. A patriarch (from Greek: patria means father; arché means rule, beginning, origin) is a male head of an extended […]

“Servant Leadership”   Martin Loftus SDB, Salesian Community, Limerick, Ireland

  Servant Leadership”  29 Sunday in Ordinary Time The form of leadership that Jesus prefers is: servant leadership – the leadership of a servant! I heard a lovely story of servant leadership, and it was about king Oscar II, who was the king of Sweden at the turn of the century. He enjoyed visiting schools […]