“Wonderful things can happen through us” Bro Padraig McDonald SDB Limerick, Ireland

“Wonderful things can happen through us”     Bro Padraig McDonald SDB Limerick, Ireland

 23 Sunday of Ordinary Time

We can all think of people who have enriched our lives in one way or another, friends, family who have helped to bring out the best in us, who have helped us to become all that God is calling us to be. But to reach that point in our lives, we need the support and help of others.

In the Gospel reading, a deaf and dumb man is brought to Jesus by others. This man had people who were looking out for him, and they sought out someone they believed could be of help to him. They led him to a person that that he could not have reached by himself. This kind of scene is repeated many times in the Gospels.

These scenes are repeated in many ways in the lives of people today. There are many people who help the sick within the confines of their own homes or neighbourhood, they can be an important and life supporting presence for others, to help them and enable them to live fuller lives. Wonderful things can happen through us

We are reminded today that we need others to help us become the person God desires us to be. In various ways any one of us can become a gate to a life giving experience for others. We are all called to be channels of Gods ongoing creative work, God works through us, so that the lives of others are enriched.

In the Gospel the ears of the man were opened by Jesus, he began to speak clearly. The healing of his deafness came before the healing of his speech impediment. This is a reminder that our ability to speak is dependent on our ability to Listen. Our capacity to hear and to really listen to people, can mean more than anything we might do or say to them. The act of listening can be a powerful life enriching act. When people are listened to, they can begin to come alive in new ways

We pray this Sunday for the grace to discern the ways in which the Lord may be calling each of us to be channels of his creative power in our world today.

Bro Padraig McDonald SDB Limerick, Ireland