Girish Karnad’s Wedding Album : An Overview : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Girish Karnad’s  Wedding  Album : An Overview : Prof.  AJ Sebastian sdb    Introduction  Girish Karnard (1938- ) has  powerfully  portrayed   socio-cultural, mythical and historical   themes in his oeuvre  of  plays  such as  Yayati (1961), Hayavadana(1971),   Ma Nishada (1964),  Tughlaq (1964),  Nagamandala (1990),   Tale-danda (1993), The Fire and the Rain (1998), The Dreams of Tipu […]

“Sharing the Bread”:  by Fr Michael Scott ,  Limerick, Ireland

Reflection for 17 Sunday  in Ordinary Time This account belongs to a longer collection (Jn 6, 1-58), which is of great importance in the fourth gospel. It presents the multiplication of the loaves (Jn 6, 1-15) as a sign. Jesus will explain its real significance in the discourse that follows (Jn 6, 26-58). John emphasizes […]

Living in Absurdity in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s “Garbo”: Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Living in Absurdity in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Garbo: Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb As a dramatist,  Mahesh Elkunchwar has been  successful in  portraying human predicament in the face of death, loneliness and illusions of all kinds, leading to apparent purposelessness of choice as the  ultimate goal of life remaining unknown (Lal 120).   He writes like the   Absurdists […]

Dynamics of Corruption in Satish Alekar’s Pidhijat (Dynasts): Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

       Dynamics of Corruption in  Satish Alekar’s Pidhijat  (Dynasts): Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb            Satish Alekar  has contributed substantially to Indian theatre with his  absurdist  presentation of plays with black humour, satire and circuitous depiction of reality.   He is known for his Mahanirvan  (The Dread Departure),  Mahapoor  ( Deluge), Atirekee (The […]

LET GO OFF YOUR STRESS! Rosemary O’Connor and Patrick Sullivan Limerick, Ireland

LET GO OFF YOUR STRESS!     This Sunday, we hear in Mark’s Gospel that Jesus met with his apostles and heard about all the work they had been doing. Jesus recognised that they had been working long hours without any break, they were tired from the busyness of the demands being placed on them; […]

Patriarchal hegemony in Mahesh Dattani’s “Where There’s a Will” : Professor AJ Sebastian sdb

Patriarchal hegemony in Mahesh Dattani’s “Where There’s a Will”   Introduction  Mahesh Dattani  (1958 -)  made his entry into Indian theatre with   his first full length play “Where There’s a Will” in 1986, drawing attention on intricacies of   relationships under patriarchal hegemony. A patriarch (from Greek: patria means father; arché means rule, beginning, origin) is […]

HEALTH IS WEALTH : Professor AJ Sebastian sdb

HEALTH IS WEALTH I was delighted to read the news report in the print media recently of the  directive from the Directorate of School Education, Govt. Nagaland  directing all schools in Nagaland to place firm restrictions on availability of junk food items in and around the school vicinity. The same could be applied to all […]

Familial Degeneration in Vijay Tendulkar’s Gidhade (The Vultures): Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

Familial Degeneration   in Vijay Tendulkar’s Gidhade  (The Vultures): Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb Vulture is   a bird that   feeds on corpses and has come to symbolize anyone or anything that benefits from another’s sufferings. Vijay Tendulkar has very aptly  entitled his play to portray familial degradation and man’s savage nature  when avarice can lead  to  tearing […]