HOLE IN THE BUCKET : Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb


Some years back I wrote this poem on an incident that took place during summer when there was great scarcity of water.


I saw a little fellow carrying water

from  a nearby pool;

His bucket was bigger than him,

quite large, though very old and shaky.

His large-big-shaky-old bucket

had a small little crack.

 As he marched heaving out miles

of smiles with sweat on his brow,

and palpitation gone mad with

the weight he carried on his

little dishevelled  head;

he left a trail behind,

carpeting his trodden path

with drops crying out from his crack.

 But he felt elated with his pride

as he marched in regimental red.

Homecoming made him beam with joy,

and his heavy burden lighter step by step.

‘Your bucket is too big for you to carry,

Can I help you?’

‘No, thanks, I feel lighter now.’

‘But your bucket is cracked.’

‘No… It’s okay!’ was his determined reply.

 He went his way and I mine.

poor fellow, when he reached home

all that was left

was his perspiration trickling

into his waterless large-big-shaky-old bucket.

It was very light indeed;

and no more a burdened weight

for his dishevelled head.


Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb