Hey You there! Don’t be  so upset with your dismal performance  in the last Exams.  Take it as a SPELLING MISTAKE in your life… As a spelling mistake doesn’t make a word  disappear from your  song.  Correct it and sing it better next time. Take your failure as a  stepping stone to success next time.

I was told by a  Principal the other day that one of his students missed a position  in the top 20 in the recently declared HSSLC Exams in Nagaland, just by 3 marks. He said, “I am very sorry for the “Poor Student“. I shot back, “He is NOT A POOR STUDENT, but an EXCELLENT  one. He will be right on top next time in the next exam. Often we tag students’ performance purely by top positions. Unfortunately, that is the way of the world steeped in a cut-throat competitive spirit.

If you  got a poor score this time, take it as a challenge to improve next time. A few years back a student failed for the HSLC Exams and was heartbroken. I told her not to worry and enrolled her at the Don Bosco coaching centre, and she passed the following year with a high 2nd division  and went on to to study Science and passed  her B.Sc with  first division and a rank in the Nagaland University,  a couple of years ago.

Hence, don’t be upset with your poor performance. Move on with a smile, trusting in God’s Grace and  hard work and determination.   You will excel!

Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb