Love and Conflict in Easterine Kire’s “Life on Hold” : Prof.AJ Sebastian sdb

Love and Conflict in  Easterine Kire’s Life on Hold: Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb  The anonymous adage, “Sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of the one you love is by far the truest type of love,” is central to the emotional relationship between the protagonists in Easterine Kire’s Life on Hold. The story surrounds  the life of  […]

Slumdog Millionaire: Steeped in Human Emotions : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb

 Slumdog Millionaire:  Steeped in  Human Emotions : Prof.  AJ Sebastian sdb    Slumdog millionaire was declared the  best movie of 2008 when it bagged eight Oscars and  various other international awards  including seven BAFTA (British Academy  Film Awards) and  four Golden Globe trophies. In the backdrop of  global recession and gloom and doom,  Slumdog Millionaire brings in […]

Matriarchal Hegemony in Easterine Iralu’s “A Terrible Matriarchy” : Prof.AJ Sebastian sdb

Matriarchal Hegemony  in  Easterine Iralu’s A Terrible Matriarchy : Prof. AJ Sebastian sdb   Gender  inequality has led to affirming femininity as a cultural construct inscribing  the society’s views about women through conventions and inhibit woman’s individuality. The statement ‘one is not born a woman, but one becomes one’ (Beauvoir 295) calls attention to the […]


MEANING OF LIFE AND DEATH IN THE POETRY OF ST. JOHN PAUL II : Prof. A.J.  Sebastian sdb   Introduction St. John Paul II will ever be remembered in the pages of history as  a Poet who admitted the ‘dark pages’ in the Church’s history with the same courage with which he had vindicated the rights of the […]

Angst and hope in the Poetry from Nagaland: Prof. A.J. Sebastian sdb

Angst and hope in the  Poetry  from Nagaland : Prof. A.J. Sebastian sdb         Poetry from Nagaland  (2005) edited by the   Department of English, Nagaland University is a unique collection of poems from 39 poets writing in English from Nagaland. While editing this volume I  came across several themes running parellel to each other, thereby rendering it […]

HOLE IN THE BUCKET : Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb

  Some years back I wrote this poem on an incident that took place during summer when there was great scarcity of water.  HOLE IN THE BUCKET I saw a little fellow carrying water from  a nearby pool; His bucket was bigger than him, quite large, though very old and shaky. His large-big-shaky-old bucket had […]

Have you Good Friends? : MC George sdb, Director, Salesian Procure for South Asia

  Shah Rukh Khan says, one day he told his kids, “Let’s call our friends over”, and they replied, “Daddy, you have no friends!” Do politicians, actors and actresses, fashion models, businessmen, writers and almost any ‘successful’ people have true friends? Or do they have only ‘colleagues’ who are actually their bitter rivals, smiling at […]

In-service Programme for Teachers of Don Bosco, Longding, Arunachal Pradesh

        Don Bosco Longding estd – 2004                         Teachers with  their Principal Fr. Karippai  sdb     Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb  conducted a 2 day  in-service training programme for the teachers of Don Bosco High School, Longding, Arunachal Pradesh,  on 15-16 May 2014, instilling  leadership […]