BEST  OR  CHAMPION ? Fr. MC George sdb, Director, Salesian Procure for South Asia

Sports writer, Greg Baum of Australia, wrote his piece on the world cup under the title, “Coarse tongues leave stain on the cup”. He wrote, “In a corner of the glowing image of Australia’s World Cup triumph is a blot that no amount of rubbing ever will remove. It is the disposition of the Australians at the dismissals of three New Zealanders during a largely one-sided final.”

Obviously, not every Australian, whether cricket fan or not, approves of the behaviour of their team on the field.It is shocking that the captain and his team made extra efforts to be rude and impolite because they were irritated by the extremely gentlemanly behaviour of the New Zealand team in the course of their previous match. “They were that nice to us in New Zealand and we were that uncomfortable,” Haddin told Triple M in Sydney. “I said in the team meeting: ‘I can’t stand for this any more. We’re going at them as hard as we can.’

Is winning everything?  Do ends justify the means? How about a little respect for others? Greg Baum concludes his write-up with the beautiful words, “There is a difference between best and champion.” No point in being the best unless I can also truly feel in my heart as a champion should.

By the way, we are proud that Greg Baum is an alumnus of Don Bosco. We are glad, Greg, that you are happy with the victory of your team but sad about their manners.

Fr. MC George sdb, Director, Salesian Procure for South Asia