TIMELY ASSISTANCE : Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb


Assistance in the form of a timely advice or an encouraging word can help the young in moments of crisis when they tend to do the wrong thing losing focus in life. A wrong decision can at times ruin one’s life. I wrote a poem several years back on such an intervention in the life of a young man entitled “YOUNGSTERS”.

they are young,
They are our future.
They need guidance to channel
their energies and potentialities.

Viki needed assistance,
he wrote a desperate letter,
fully confused as though
reached the end of the road.
‘I’m spending money like hell’,
he wrote, ‘Tell me what to do.’
‘You will reach hell soon!’
with a little humour I replied,
‘If you carry on your mad ways.’

Following Christmas time
I received the best Christmas gift,
I ever received; just a long long
letter from him after a sullen silence.

I thought he had succumbed
to his dumb habits as usual.
But the story differed this time
to my utter surprise and confusion.

He wrote, ‘While scanning through
the crowded letters in my bag in desperation,
I spotted your letter and read
and re-read to make me change.’

A good lesson indeed for change of mindset and determination to live a good life.

Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb