EVERYONE IS AN EXPERT: Fr. MC George sdb, Director, Salesian Procure for South Asia


 Even a school dropout could be an expert!

 Two days ago BOSCONET distributed a drink to at least 12,000 thirsty people on the roads of Delhi. We wanted the water to be really cold so that it would truly refresh. We bought chunks of ice to be added to the rooafza mixture. The ice blocks were very big and needed to be cut up into two or more blocks before being added to the water drums.

 We have a real smart guy in our office. He has already got through the prelims and the mains of the UPSC exams for IAS hopefuls. He works with us while waiting for the call for his interview. He took the ice pick and started knocking at the first block of ice. He went on and on with little impact except pieces of ice flying all over the place. I began to wonder how long it would take to get the ice into the water, and how much of the ice would be lost.

 Then our office boy, a school dropout, stepped forward. He took the ice pick and in just a few seconds he had the ice-block cut into two neat halves! He really had the expertise needed for the job in hand.

 Everyone I meet knows something more than I do. I can learn from her/him. She/he can teach me, if I respect her/him and am humble enough to learn. No one is an expert in everything. Everyone is an expert in something!

Fr. MC George sdb, Director, Salesian Procure for South Asia