A WORD IN THE EAR CAN CHANGE ATTITUDES: Sr.Rose Mary Kazhiia FMA, Auxilium Jr. College, Udalguri, Assam   


 I would like to narrate an incident which happened with a student. In the beginning I found Raju (name changed) to be quite sober and gentle.  He was a smart boy. He was good at studies and in other co-curricular activities. But as time passed by I found him to be stubborn and at times rebellious too. He was rather rough and even began to show  disrespect towards a particular teacher. When this news reached me, I called for the student and spoke to him. I tried to counsel him and make him understand his rough and rude behavior with the teacher. At first he stood by his right. I sent him back and invited him to come again later. In the mean time I prayed. When he was called for the second time, he confessed his problem and explained why he was behaving in that manner. I tried to make him understand. I gave him time to speak and listened to his problems.  He began to be very apologetic. He was sorry for the way he behaved. But then he took time to come to terms with the particular teacher. Now he is happy for the help received and continues to keep in touch.

 2. There was a case of another student Sunil (name changed). He too had a problem with a teacher. He was not attending that particular teacher’s class for two weeks. The teacher had told me a few days ago about this boy. I told her to inform me if he is present in the school and absent in her class again. One day the teacher came and told me that Sunil was in the school but had not attended her class. I sent for him. He came to my office and I began to ask him many questions. His answer was only a Monosyllabic yes or no. Then I realized that this method would not help him. So I told him to sit down in the parlour. We sat facing each other. I began asking certain questions to which he answered. He began to shed tears so much that in between I had to send him to  wash his face.  We talked for quite sometimes. At the end he told me he felt quite relaxed and felt fine. I assured him of prayers and he went away assuring me that he would ask pardon from the teacher.

What makes me reflect is what he told me. I did not come to you earlier, ‘when the problem began thinking that you would scold me.’  It taught me a lesson to reflect on  my way of dealing with the young people. 

Sr.Rose Mary Kazhiia FMA, Auxilium Jr. College, Udalguri, Assam