STORY OF A MEDIA GURU: by FR. V.M. THOMAS SDB, Salesian Provincial of Guwahati, India


Somnath Batabyal, one of my former students, teaches now in London University media. He is also an author of a best seller book by Harper & Collins.

He was a talkative and mischievous student at Don Bosco, Guwahati in 1989. He was usually found outside the classroom playing truant and mischievous.. I had allowed him to participate in Badminton tournaments at district and national levels. He went on to become a National Champion in badminton in course of time. I had told him that ‘he would make it big‘ and that ‘he would talk his way to the top’ … and he did so. He went on to be a reporter of NDTV for 7 years and is now ‘talking‘ media in London and making good money. He says, he does teaching for a month as a full paid professor and moves around the media world. Somnath writes columns for ‘The Guardian, ‘ London and New York Times. He used to highlight my work in The Guardian & New York Times.

He will be writing his third novel for which he has already received advance payment from Harper & Collins. I am told, I will be one of the characters inside… he tells me that I would be made a ‘good character’ … though I had been tough with him…

Firmness and kindness‘ do matter … He is married to a pretty looking British girl … He took time to travel with me for three days and addressed several school students. Though mischievous in school, now, he is a grateful and appreciative young man for the education he received from Don Bosco. It shows how relationship is  at the very  heart of Preventive System and good education.
 FR. V.M. THOMAS SDB, Salesian Provincial of Guwahati, India