“Next Practices” in Schools: Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb


As I post this reflection, I am in the midst of students and teachers of St. Xavier Higher Secondary School at Meluri in Eastern Nagaland, conducting motivation programmes for students and teachers. Though remote in a small township, the school educates hundreds of children of the villages around, with great dedication to bring them up as good citizens with excellent values of mind and heart. Kudos to Fr. Tomy, the Principal, staff and management for their dedicated service to the young in this remote area. I found the children, well disciplined filled with enthusiasm, spontaneity and familiarity. The secret I found in THE NEXT PRACTICES besides the BEST PRACTICES that are being introduced in assisting the students. I was surprised to see TIME MAGAZINE, and READER’S DIGET besides other Journals in the Principal’s office for the school Reading Room. The Principal wants to expose his students and teachers to the best reading materials and books to make them dream big in achieving their goals.

Great concept indeed !!! Give the best to the children as they grow up to make them stars, even if they are in a remote village.

Recently I had published a review article in a University Management Journal on a recently published book entitled CK PRAHALAD : THE MIND OF THE FUTURIST: Rare Insights on Life, Leadership & Strategy by Benedict Paramanand. While doing the review, I was inspired by the genius of CK Prahalad who passed away in April 2010, at the peak of his career as a world economist and management thinker of great standing. His innovative ideas have transformed the business world and is rightly acknowledged as one among the top ten management thinkers in the world.

He became a legend with his concept of ‘Next practices’, replacing the traditional ‘best practices’, which will sustain entrepreneurship and business in the coming years.
Incidents and situations narrated tell us how CK transformed the mindsets of diffident Indian business leaders after 1991 reforms into mighty global players. He was a synergy creator, with his magnum opus “Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid” which opened up new vistas in business. He is also known for his most powerful doctrine: “Don’t follow best practices, instead go on and create the Next Practice.”

I wish our Principals and teachers in schools to create “Next Practices,” besides “Best Practices” being innovators, generating synergy in educating the young with great enthusiasm.

Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb