LOVING KINDNESS : Fr.Tom Karthik, SDB, Rector, Salesian College, Dimapur


Don Bosco gave Reason, Religion and Loving Kindness as the essential elements of his system of education. And indeed Love is the only way to win the heart of a youngster. Little acts of kindness experienced by a youngster during his period of education will leave on him a lasting impression which ultimately will urge him to use the same kindness in his dealings with people in later life.

Mr. Dulal Baruah was a student of St. Anthony’s college while Fr. Kenny was the Vice-Principle. When the time for his B.A. Examinations came he had no money to pay the examination fees. And so he could not get his admit card for the examinations. When he enquired from the office if he could pay the fees after the exams he was told that admit card is issued only on clearance of all the fees. He was desperate. But he knew the kindness of Fr. Kenny and he would come to his help. He went to Fr. Kenny and explained to him the condition of his family and why it was not possible for him to pay the fee immediately. Fr. Kenny didn’t want Dulal to be humiliated by narrating his story to others. He opened his drawer, took out Rs. 50 ( the examination fees at that time) and gave it to Dulal and told him, “Don’t ask for exceptions, go and pay your fees alike all other boys.” Dulal was overjoyed and touched the feet of Fr. Kenny in gratitutde. He wrote the examination and passed.

Later Mr. Dulal Baruah become the Home Minister in the Assam Government. It was at this time that Fr.Zubzaretta was given the quit order because he was a foreigner. Fr. Zubi approached Fr. Kenny and got a letter for Mr. Baruah with a request to allow him to continue residing in Assam. With this leter Fr. Zubi went to meet Mr. Baruah. On seeing him Mr. Baruah respectpfully received him into his office.

“ I have a letter for you, Mr. Baruah, from Fr. Kenny,” said Fr. Zubi
“From Fr. Kenny!” exclaimed Mr. Baruah in surprise.
Then putting the unopened envelope to his forehead he said, “whatever Fr. Kenny asks I grant.”
Fr. Zubi got his residential permit renewed.
Little acts of kindness in moments of need will certainly bear fruit in years o come.

Fr.Tom Karthik, SDB, Salesian College, Dimapur