THANK YOU : Fr. Jose Thomas sdb, Arunachal Pradesh

It was a beautiful afternoon and I was coming down from an office in Khonsa after submitting some official papers. I could not clearly iidentify the boy walking down the hill but I knew that he was one of my student. I walked a bit fast and reached near him and shouted &Nalee&. He stopped and looked back and I was sure it was Nalee. I was overjoyed to see him after four or five years. He came running embraced me with tears in his eyes. &After a long time& he said with a sigh, &I was looking for you brother ( he did not knw that I was already ordined a priest), I want to thank you. You have taught me many things spent lot of time to teach english and maths. So I managed to pass class 10 which I thought was impossible for me. I never thought I will ever reach even class 10. You helped me grow. THANK YOU. I was tear filled as it was the best gift I received in my life as a teacher. It was better than all the good words and address and gift I received that morning for it was September 5, the teachers day. And I got the best gift a teacher can ever get that day. I felt proud as a teacher, and as a salesian. It is all because of the family spirit and the the hard work put in by fr rector, fr mauel Paikda and all the staff there in Bosco bible school Tinsukia , where I did my practical training for two and half years, the most happy years of my life.

Fr. Josekutty thomas Madathiparambil SDB, Arunachal Pradesh