“For your efforts, I am what I am today!”: Ms. Banda Rani, Vijayawada

 Life, since child hood, was a struggle for survival for Banda Rani from Chodavaram. She has seen her mother struggling to educate her two children, BandaRani and her brother Prashant. Her father Venkateshwar Rao and mother Bhgyalakshmi were agricultural labourers. Father never took the responsibility of the family.  All what he did was to spend his earnings on drinking and playing cards as well as beating his wife and children.

There were times when there was no food but her mother  never let her children drop out from their studies. Her strong determination to make the children educated,  brought Banda Rani and Prashant to Don Bosco Navajeevan, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh,  for educational support.

In  2007 when Banda Rani was in  the 2nd year of Intermediate, she discontinued her studies. Her mother approached Mrs. Vani of Hitaishi, the family counseling and women empowerment wing of Navajeevan based at Penamaluru, for help. Her husband threw her and the two children out of  the house as Banda Rani and her mother did not agree to his proposal for getting Rani married.  

With the help of Mrs. Vani,  they were allowed to get back into the house,  but after some days her father once again started beating her mother so she left home with the children to her aunt for shelter. She approached Navajeevan to help her children to study further.

Banda Rani has toda completed B.Com. from BJT College, Keesara and is  presently seeking a gainful employment, and her brother Prashant has completed 10th class with 89% and  will be joining Polytechnic (EC) soon.  

Banda wishes to get a government job and appearing for competitive exams.

Banda Rani recalls that she could never have reached up to this level of education without her mother’s  support and Don Bosco Navajeevan’s help. “It’s like a dream, with the family situation and the meagre wages my mother earned, she could  never educate us without the assistance of Don Bosco Navajeevan. I thank  Fr. Koshy and the Don Bosco system of education”.  

Banda Rani, Vijayawada