A PEARL OF MOTIVATIONAL WISDOM This is a pearl of Motivational wisdom that I’ve always loved for the students visiting this site: This has always been one of my favorite things to read as a reminder to me when life gets fast paced and I lose sight of what is important in life and I […]


PREPARATION FOR EXAMS As exams are approaching, it is important that you keep some of the following points in mind to avoid unnecessary stress and tension. Let  me remind you of  some of the common problems faced by students in general: Super-saturation If you have been regular and systematic in your studies, you will reach […]

My experiences in Preventive System : Fr Varghese Thannippara sdb, Director, Don Bosco College, Mannuthy

 MY EXPERIENCE IN THE PREVENTIVE SYSTEM When I was the Headmaster of Don Bosco High School, Irinjalakuda, Kerala, during the years 1991-1996, I myself used to wake up the boarders of X std daily at 5.00am. I would tap the foot of each student and they would have to stand up immediately, pray for 1 […]

“For your efforts, I am what I am today!”: Ms. Banda Rani, Vijayawada

 Life, since child hood, was a struggle for survival for Banda Rani from Chodavaram. She has seen her mother struggling to educate her two children, BandaRani and her brother Prashant. Her father Venkateshwar Rao and mother Bhgyalakshmi were agricultural labourers. Father never took the responsibility of the family.  All what he did was to spend […]

GROW ROOTED IN LOVE ! :Dr. AJ Sebastian sdb

GROW ROOTED IN LOVE !  I am sure you might  have seen the poster with the caption: “Nobody loves me.  I’m  going into the garden to eat worms. Yesterday I ate two smooth ones and one woolly one.” It sounds funny, yet so true when we know  of children who have grown deprived of affection. […]

Arun Koundinya’s Success Story from Don Bosco Navajeevan Bala Bhavan Society, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Perplexed with the whereabouts of his son (Arun Koundinya), Mr. Srinivasa Koundinya, a journalist by profession, approached Navajeevan, Vijayawada to find him. It was then he met Fr. Koshy sdb  and Anu aunty, who did every bit of effort to help him search for his eight year old missing son. But an year later, Arun […]