• Seek information on jobs from Public Services & Business Houses.
• Ask your friends and elders on job opportunities.
• Look for classified advertisements in newspapers, journals and periodicals.
• Contact employers and ask if they have any job vacancy for you.
• Keep ready job seeking application with your qualifications.
• Prepare your CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Preparing for Interview
• Do a mock interview practice with someone who can assist you in this to get rid of your stage-fright.
• When go for interview, make sure you wear formal dress to look professional & arrive at the place f interview well in advance.
• Be polite and greet the Interview panel as you enter the interview room.
• Take all your documents & CV (Curriculum Vitae) to present at the interview.
• Take a powerPoint presentation on your professional experience and take it on pen-drive as some Institutions & Business Organizations expect such a presentations.
• Be ready for any sort of questions including current events and General Knowledge such as (What can you contribute to this Institution if you are offered the job?, Tell us something about your suggestions for eco-friendly living).
• Make clear and precise responses to questions.
• Do not show disrespect in any manner, even if the questions sound irritating to you. (Some ask such questions purposely to check your character).
• Be confident, yet avoid being over confident and aggressive in your responses.
Prove yourself a gentleman/ gentlewoman with a fine personality, whom every employer looks for.