1. Be interested:
Arouse self-interested in a subject , so it becomes interesting for you.

2. Select:
Decide what you want to learn and ignore what you do not wish to learn.

3. Decide to Remember:
Be determined about your intention to remember the material.

4. Organise Meaningfully:
While reading and taking notes , gather main ideas. Then organise it the way you like it.

5. Recite to yourself:
After reading a portion from your book, try to repeat the key ideas aloud. These ideas become your own and easily stay in your memory.

6. Visualization:
Try to visualize, making a mental picture in your mind by sketching the ideas in your mind. Such a picture created can help your to recall your ideas easily.

7. Association effect:
Try to link your new ideas to something you already know. This is call “association effect”.

8. Mnemonic device:
Mnemonic device is a method of encoding information in your memory. It can be done by use of ACRONYMS by which the first letter of the facts are coded into a word eg: DKCM = Delhi, Kolkota, Chennai, Mumbai.