At the very outset you should set your goal. What do you want to do in life? What do you want to become? Many times parents set a goal for their children and keep inspiring them as they grow up. “I want my child to be an engineer or a doctor.” These are common statements of parents who build a dream for their children. Some even go to the extend of calling their children from early childhood “little engineer” “little doctor” and the like.
When the child so pampered with a parents’ dream grows up, he/she often tends to revolt. No one can set a dream for you except you yourself. Of course, you should discuss your future with plans and projects with your parents and dear ones.
Seek advice from someone competent in the field of career guidance before venturing into your plan of life. Your counsellor can help you assess what could be the best career suited for you. Whatever dream you have for your future, it will materialise if you really WILL IT ! Hence DREAM BIG!


Once you have set your goal in mind, begin to set a TARGET for yourself. What grade do you wish to get in your studies? Do not set a target which is too high or too low. Have an objective assessment of your intellectual capacity as well.
Perhaps your teacher can help you in this. You could easily set a first division target. 60% – 65% – 70% – 75% – 80% – 85% – 90% -95% – 100%. . But do not share this with your fiends as they may tease you for setting a very high target. Let this be made known only to your Counsellor and mentor as it is your professional secret.
What you target you will surely get if you continue to persevere in your efforts. It may happen that after some time you begin to get discouraged and confused. DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR TARGET!!!
Some twenty years back a student of mine had set a target of 90% for his High School Leaving Certificate Examinations. A few weeks before the final exams he was totally confused and wanted the target to be reduced. I was sure that he would get his 90%. What he needed was proper relaxation. He was OVER-SATURATED with his studies and needed some rest. When the result was declared he had 89.7%. He is an MBBS today. Another student set a target of 85%. Just a few days before the exams, I found him spending a lot of time playing cricket. When I discussed the matter he told me that his teachers were expecting him to get a State Rank from him. I took some time to convince him that he should not live up to someone else’s dream. Do your best and leave the rest to God. There was another student who was so weak for Mathematics that he never manged to get a pass mark. Taking the idea of target setting, he decided to get a 60% and got it to the amazement of all. I myself had set a target of 65% for my Masters in English Literature. With determination and Divine blessings I bagged the University G God medal with 65.3%. Hence it is what you decide, you get in life.
In certain cases one may have to reduce or increase one’s target percentage. We do not use our brain power properly. Normally we use only about 4 to 5 % of the brain. The rest remains unused. Even Einstein might have used only some 11%of his brain. Edison was rejected from school since3 his teacher considered him a dull student. But his mother with her persevering efforts taught him and he succeeded in becoming a luminary in the world of Science. Look at yourself not on a broken mirror; but see what you are capable of becoming. Have courage and do not lose confidence in yourself to reach the unreachable stars.

Self discipline is essential to success. Discipline and perseverance go hand in hand. Discipline calls for self-sacrifice and self-control. Be master of yourself and avoid doing things as a matter of fact. Be strict with yourself and pursue with your plans and projects. It is a matter of deciding by yourself as you have to struggle and be successful in a competitive world.
Determination & Hard Work

There is no easy way to success and no substitution for determination and hard work. As it is often said, “Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” Even an average student can excel in life through hard work and determination. Mere sleeping over your books will not bring success. Remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pocket.