Student Helpline Logo

Student Helpline Logo

1.Image of Don Bosco

St. Joh Bosco (1815-1888),  popularly known as DON BOSCO, is considered the Father & Friend of youth for his love  for the young. He founded a Religious Congregation known as SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO (SDB Fathers & Brothers), to look after  Youth, especially those poor and marginalised, through Education.  His magnificent System of Education  known as PREVENTIVE SYSTEM, based on REASON,   LOVE OF GOD, and KINDNESS is a transforming system  which brings out the best in the young to be good and honest citizens. Today there are over 16,000 Salesian Fathers and Brothers working inabout  134 countries of the world, educating the young in Schools, Colleges, Technical Institutes and Universities. They also work with street children & Youth at Risk (YAR), DBTech (empowering  the young in acquiring technical and job oriented skills), BoscoNet (educating the marginalised), and the like.

2. Globe:  The globe  symbolically represents the work of Don Bosco being carried out by his followers in most countries of the world,  educating and skilling the young. This wesite  is dedicated to Don Bosco as the  Salesian world celebrates his bicentennial of birth.

3. Student Helpline : The title of the website written on a red ribbon represents the Preventive Sysem of  Education of Don Bosco based entirely on  the Gospel call of LOVE.