Dear Fr. Sebastian,

Thank you for the message communicating to me about your voluntary retirement. I was in Mornese along with the Members of our General Chapter XXIII (200 of us) for the spiritual retreat animated by Most Rev. Thomas Menamparampil SDB. DD. On my return to Rome I found your mail – a surprise and a thanksgiving to God!

During my visits to Kohima as Provincial (2000 – 2006) I had the chance of meeting you. I remember the many occasions we were able to share about your valuable educative and salesian presence in the University. You have touched positively the lives of many young men and women and let them grow. Today they are leaders in the Society. They have rightly expressed their affection, appreciation and gratitude. They knew that you were there ready to journey with them and walk an extra mile when needed.

Congratulations dear Fr. Sebastian! May you continue to see many positive fruits of your committed service and continue to embrace many miracles in your life and in the life of others.

God bless and keep you!

With good wishes,

Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil FMA
General Councillor

Sr. Lucy Rose Ozhukayil FMAGeneral CouncillorSalesian SistersRome

My appreciation of Prof AJ Sebastian:

In my years of working with Father Sebastian, as we always addressed him, I have never heard an unkind word from him. As my superior officer he was always appreciative of my work, observant of any progress made and encouraging of both academic and creative enterprises of mine.

I also experienced that Father Sebastian was a conflict solver, not a conflict creator, so if there was a problem, he was ever eager to find a good solution to it. Hardworking, self sacrificing and compassionate are three adjectives that come to mind when I think of Father Sebastian, He is a blessing in every community he is placed.

Easterine Kire

Dr. Easterine KireNovelist & PoetPublisherNorway


Dear Fr. Sebe,

Thank you so much for your loving and encouraging words. I was so much moved and influenced by the beautiful bouquet given by your students. I went through each of them. Father Sebe, you have really set a new trend in the state and in the university. People who have know you are touched by you. You are a source of inspiration for all. My few moments of experience with you have filled me with lots of positive energy. We are proud of you father.

Well, i will be here to meet you and introduce you on the Saturday. Please come. I have told that you will be meeting the NEISSR students on Saturday. Though it is a holidat they have decided to come. Waiting for you dear Fr.Sebe.


Fr. C.P. AntoPrincipalMSW College of the Diocese of KohimaDimapur

The first thing that comes to my mind about our beloved Father Sebastian is his warm smile and friendly nature that welcomed us into the family of English Department. Metamorphosis still remains alive and will be remembered for years to come. Thank you father, for being our friend, teacher, guide and mentor.we will never forget you for all that you have done and the sacrifices you made for us. May your resting years be favored with good health, joy and peace. We love father and we still miss you and your classes.

Betsy Yhoshu (Class of 2007)


Dear Father AJ,

Thank you very much for your mail and for informing me about the VSR you have taken.
Yes father you do deserve every word of appreciation and gratitude expressed in the Bouquet. You have indeed been the torch bearer of Don Bosco’s system of education and Catholic Priesthood. I am sure the University will miss your services. This however will be a gain for another centre where you will render your service. I wish you all the best.
Thanks also for guiding and directing me in taking forward the College Project at Golaghat. Kindly continue offering your suggestions and comments on making the project really effective.

Fr. Bimal

Fr. Bimal sdbDirectorANMA Integrated Development AssociationDimapur

Respected Fr.A.J Sebastian,

Thank you so much for your valuable time and consideration. The telephonic conversations I had with you and your tips on ‘how to prepare for interview’ helped me a lot to perform well in the finalround of interview for the selection of Programme Managers for the project of Government of Kerala named ASAP(Additional Skill Acquisition Programme).I pray that you can continue guiding more youth through your motivational talks and can help them to take right career decisions.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully,

Resmi Anne Thomas

Resmi Anjn ThomasProgramme ManagerGovernment of KeralaThiruvanandapuram


Dear Professor

Thanks for the mail. It is news I take it with some sadness for good persons like you could have helped the department better and your health needs care.I join your innumerable well wishers to wish you healthy and happy retired life.

Dr. N. Nagaraju


Prof. N. NagarajuProfessor of EnglishKarnataka Central University Karnataka

For all the inspirations, for all the motivations, for all the encouragements, for all the corrections, for all the teachings, for all the fun and most of all for all the love- THANK YOU FATHER. May God be with you always and may you continue to be a motivation and an inspiration to all. We love you.

Medongunuo NgoneAssistant Professor.

Dear Sir,

It’s really extraordinary praise for your exemplary performance..certainly, we feel proud of our association with you. May God bless you with good health and wealth…

radha mohan

From Dr. Radha Mohan Chief Editor, IUP PublicationsICFAI University Hyderabad

Congrats, Sebastian…

You have every right to feel proud and satisfied with a job well done…
In our limited world, most of us tend to narrowly focus on the importance and greatness of only what we do, forgetting to look around and see the wider world where a variety of people are working in a variety of fields with equal commitment and a deep sense of conviction about the need for their work. This type of people fail to appreciate anything beyond their limited world and experience…

I wish we could evolve into a society where mutual support and admiration and appreciation for every sector of work becomes the norm rather than the exception…
That’s it… I hope you will have a more relaxed time now… but equally fulfilling!

Warm regards

Fr Stephen

Dr. Stephen Mavely sdbVice chancellorDon Bosco University Guwahati

Dear Dr (Fr) A.J. Sebastian,

Congrats for your wonderful initiative to help our young people. Right from the start, you were a person committed to the welfare of young people and you certainly command respect and admiration from students who have profited from your fountain of knowledge and wisdom. All because you have accompanied them as a true shepherd, model and guide.

You have responded to challenges and problems with faith, sagacity and a serene and calm nature. With prudence and insight you have tackled issues confronting the youth.

Being a person of integrity, strongly grounded in human and religious values, with sincere love for young people, you are the right person to guide them. And the platform that you have chosen is their own playground, the playground of social media and internet.

Dear Dr (Fr) A.J. Sebastian, you have achieved so much because of your power of self belief. Brian Tracy says, “Whatever you believe with emotion becomes reality.  You always act in a manner consistent with your innermost beliefs and convictions.” I know that your belief can even help you turn the world around.

You are indeed an accomplished human being and a wonderful son of Don Bosco; someone who lives with honour and a sense of fulfilment; someone who has the power to generate positive vibes in people, particularly the youth.

Today, as  you launch the ‘helpline for students’, I pray for blessings to surround you in times of trial and stress. And inner joy to fill your heart with peace and happiness. May your dedication, commitment and contribution to the youth of our region (Northeast) remain a legacy and in history a living spirit.


Dr (Fr) P.D. John, SDB. Director & Principal, Don Bosco College, Tura, Meghalaya

From Dr (Fr) P.D. John SDB. Director & Principal, Don Bosco College, Tura

Dear Fr. A.J.,

Sure there must have been and will be many more appreciative gestures and letters pouring in as the news of your retirement spreads to different parts of the world. The Salesians and the Province in particular will be proud of your achievements. To many in the University you must have become a role model, and an example of values to live by. That is what I regard to be the most valuable contribution: academics is a different cup of tea; the university is not to be a politicking arena.

Would be happy to know that you are continuing your scholarly work, and publishing – something at which you have excelled. Guidance of doctoral candidates could go on, can’t it? Even the President Abdul Kalam was continuing to guide doctoral students, I read somewhere.

No retirement for you, please. Work continues, though in a different atmosphere.

Congratulations for the awesome achievement of representing the Catholic Priesthood in a Baptist and hostile academic world. Thanks for doing it so wonderfully.


Cyprian Kallikaden

Dr. Cyprian sdbEducatorDon BoscoItanagar

Dear Sebastian,

Congratulations for the dedicated service that you rendered. Since you followed up every youngster that came your way, you can be proud of being a good teacher. There is no amount of words or gifts that students can give in return for the love and affection with which you went about your teaching. Wish you the best of health.


Mathew C Paul SDB, M. Arch.

Mathew C. Paul sdbArchitectBosco Institute of Social WorkJorhat

Even today, I never forget the day you gave me Kit-Kat chocolate for having regular attendance in class during my first year in M.A. Or the time when I was so nervous when I had my Viva voce for the first time that you literally finished my sentences for me. These are some moments that I remember fondly and appreciate your compassion and patience. There is never a dull day in your class- where your teachings extends beyond the textbooks and we learn valuable lessons on life as well. The Birthday Party, Zoo story and Metamorphosis are some which have become favorites of mine after you taught with such animation and enthusiasm. As you go from here, I just want you to know that a part of me will always be wishing you well in everything you do.

Neikehienuo Mepfhu-oAssistant ProfessorKohima College

Dear Fr. Sebastian

I was really very glad to have visited your website. Excellant … This is what Don Bosco would have done had he been living at this time. I am sure that you being the founder of this good website, will help the students a lot… and I am sure that Don Bosco would be glad with it.

I am always at your disposal for candidates wanting to make a career in the banks…

With all the best wishes,

Xavier Kurisunkal
Former Manager & Faculty- in-charge
Indian Bank Training Centre

From Mr. Xavier Kurisunkal, Former Manager & Faculty- in-charge Indian Bank Training Centre Cochin

Dear Dr Fr Sebastian,
Thanks. I am sorry to hear that you took VRS. I know you have left a sweet fragrance in the NU and I am sure you beloved students will brighten the corner and will ever remember your contribution.
Good luck.
Joshua Thomas

Dr. ThomasDirector-in-chargeIndian Institute of Social Science ResearchShillong

Dear Fr Sebastian,

May I wish this website every success. Exploring this new frontier in favour of the young is a fitting tribute to the creative genius of Don Bosco as an educator. In his own time he was led by a sense of vision that explored new ways of journeying with the young, helping them to be better prepared to face the challenges of their time.

May this website http://www.studenthelpline.co.in offer the same space and opportunities that can help the young to be in a better position to be prepared for the challenges that lay ahead.

Every blessing on you and all your team.


Fr Fabio Attard sdb
General Councillor for Youth Pastoral
Don Bosco Headquarters, Rome

From Rev. Fr. Fabio Attard sdb, General Councillor for Youth Pastoral, Don Bosco Headquarters, Rome

Thank you father. Glorious indeed.

May you keep on guiding several generations from where ever you are (a teacher neither tires nor retires!)

May God be with you forever!


Prof. Susheel SharmaProfessor & Head, Dept. of English University of Allahabad Allahabad

You have earned this retirement with great distinction and indeed proud dedication. You were an amazing mentor and motivator and I will always remember you with great respect for contributing so much to what I’am today. Wish you a happy retirement with health and happiness.

R.Mhonbeni Ezong(Batch of 1999-2002)PGTGHSSWokha

Dear Father,

Great to hear responses from people with whom and for whom we have worked. Your mission to young people in the university is commendable. You understood the importance of higher education and serving the young people at that stage. Being part of academics and research brings us to vast ocean of knowledge building and interaction with students and academicians. You understood the importance of it. Do continue to assist young minds and researchers.

Dr. Policarp sdbAsst. Professor & Hostel WardenDon Bosco CollegeItanagar

Dear Fr. AJ Sebastian sdb

My words will be insufficient to talk about you and your contributions to the Department of English, Nagaland University, Kohima, and to your colleagues and students whom you loved and allowed to grow. You worked tirelessly day and night, you had no specific time. I found you working into late night all the days not caring for your health. You can’t sit quiet, you are loud in your silence musing the lore of your work.

You forget yourself remembering all the time the difficulties and disadvantages of others and planning for bringing them relief. You retired for your health (deficiency in eye sight) but you could evaluate highest number of examination scripts to help the Department even after your retirement. You can’t sit quiet and in spite of all difficulties, you will be working harder and thus work is your religion. Helping the poor and disadvantaged is your religion.
You have excused all those who have really harmed you. You have gifted many things to many people.

You have established the Department of English, Nagaland University as the most efficient Department in the University where classes are attended by the teachers in time, students don’t dare to bunk the classes and results are declared in time. During your tenure courses were revised, the Department was fully computerised and most of the documents are saved in files in the computers so that those who succeed you as Head of the Department will have no difficulty in getting the old documents and in running the Department smoothly.

You have retired and left the Department, but we don’t feel that you have gone away from us. You are accessible all the time. The only difference is that the campus has lost your loud voice. When you were here everybody knew that Fr. AJ is shouting. Our memories are reverberating with your voices. It very often brings a very melancholic nostalgia in me. Time is very powerful. It brings in many sweet and bitter experiences. As such we had a very irreparable loss with your retirement. The loss can’t be compensated. I don’t find any alternative also. This is my grief.

Wish you a very happy retired life and life of more activities and new ventures as you can’t be quiet and inactive.

With love, best regards and best wishes

Dr. Nigamananda Das
Head, Department of English
Nagaland  Central University

Dr. Nigamananda DasHead, Dept. of EnglishNagaland UniversityKohima

Dear Prof. Sebastian,
My hope and prayer is that you will continue to be a blessing, wherever you are. I did not realise that you had health problems, which could actually force you into retirement. I hope you will continue to take good care of yourself and I know that the departments of English, especially across the northeast will definitely miss you; the academic prowess, the warmth and the cheer and your generosity and nobility of spirit. A very huge salute to you.

Please continue to write and publish and please, let us keep in touch, as we have often done, over the years….if you remember. Your boundless energy, your enthusiasm and your unfailing spirit, is what I shall remember and cherish. I have downloaded and read too, the tributes that were paid by your students to you and I share these sentiments as well, and I am sure many more will continue to write and recall, with fondness and affection, over your achievements and to the wonderful personality that you were and will always continue to be.
Nagaland University and the northeast in particular have been privileged to have had you for all these years. May your academic contribution reap bountiful harvest and may they thrive for the betterment of God and humanity. May the good Lord always be your guide and bless and keep you.


Margaret L.Pachuau

Dr. Margaret PachuauAssociate ProfessorMizoram Central UniversityMizoram

Your retirement is nothing short of a glorious achievement. So congratulations and may the Almighty bless you for all the lives you’ve touched and changed. Wishing you a wonderful journey ahead. Happy retirement.

Renchibeni EzongPGTGovernment Higher Secondary SchoolDimapur

Dear Fr. AJ,

Thank you for your email. I hope all is well.

The website looks good and I am sure it is a great help for young people.

In what format would you like our reflections. As a video file or text?

Let me know what would you need and we will try to do our best.

May God bless you and all your work.

In Don Bosco

Fr. Lukasz Nawrat, SDB


From Fr. Lukasz Nawrat, SDB, Ireland


Dear Fr. Sebastian,

Thanks for the mail regarding your voluntary retirement.You have definitely made a valuable contribution to the cause of  quality youth ministry apart from the practical help you gave to the students and the university.

I am sure the Lord will reward you for the great dedication and commitment you have displayed at the cost of great sacrifice to yourself.It was indeed inspiring and wonderful to see the letters of appreciation that were sent to you by your students and colleagues.
With every good wish,

Yours affly,

Fr.M.P.Thomas sdb

Fr. M.P. Thomas sdbDirectorDon BoscoJorhat

From ,

Dear Fr. Sebastian,

Congratulations for what you have done. The miracles will continue….

Thomas Menamparampil SDB

Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil sdbArchbishop Emeritus Archdiocese of GuwahatiGuwahati

You are a braveheart, humorist, constructivist and an inspiration.


Thank you father for all the love, knowledge and wisdom that you have imparted to me. As you start on a new endeavor may our Almighty God be with you always. Thank you for all your sacrifices.

Chubanungsang Jamir (Class of 2003)

Dear Fr. Sebastian,

Congratulations for the years of dedicated service. You have rendered great service to so many youngsters, way beyond the demands of the books or the subject or the university, and great service to Don Bosco and to the Catholic Church.

Fr. MC George

Fr. MC George sdbDirector Salesian Mission Procure for South AsiaNew Delhi

Dear Fr. AJ.,

Greetings from Shillong!
Thank you for the mail and the unexpected news about your resigning from the post in the University. I respect your decision.
You had done a very commendable job there and brought glory to us Salesians.
Thank you and Congratulations!

Praying for you,

Fr. James Poonthuruthil

Fr. James Poonthuruthil sdb,ProfessorSacred Heart CollegeShillong

Dear Fr,
Greetings! It is always a great joy when we meet wonderful and Faithful people like you. Thank you for your constant words of encouragement in motivating me to believe in myself and my capabilities. I have been blessed these past few weeks and i just want to give credit to God and for people like you in my life. I hve been selected as a Faculty in the Counseling Psychology Department under Martin Luther University Shillong. And its been been Two days even before i could resume my job at the concern department i have been offered as the Faculty at the same University at Tura where my family is based.All the more to be thankful. The Department of Counseling will be started by the next semester ie August 15 and they have given me this task of implementing short term courses on counseling psychology to Educational Institution, Ngo';s , Pastors of the churches etc for this present semester ie Oct. Thank you Fr for the continous encouragement and motivation given to me and building my confidence. It has really helped me and one day i hope i can make a difference in the society and do what i really enjoy . I pray that God will keep using you and touch many more peoples life through your words, ideas, counseling given. Fr but remember i will continue to ask for ideas, decisions,i nputs etc in my life.
God bless you. Blessings
Lobeni Kikon


LobeniAssistant ProfessorMartin Luther UniversityShillong


Dear Rev Father,

Thank you very much for the messages. They are really touching and make me proud to be a priest and teaching . I too indeed remember your great influence on me because of your consistent encouragement and direction. Before I could begin to dream you set a direction for my dreams. I am sure many more will say the same of you. Thank you father. I am sure I will be blessed to be in association with you.
I need your support and encouragement.

respectfully yours


Dr. SunnyAssistant Professor & Hostel WardenSt. Joseph's CollegeJakhama, Kohima


Dear Professor Sebastian,

Namaste. Thanks for your mail.
I am really stunned by your decision to seek V.R. Many more years of fruitful service would have enriched lives of thousands of students and friends around. But health requires paramount attention. You did a right thing in the given situation. We wish you a very happy, peaceful and healthy retired life.

I remember with gratitude your hospitality, love and affection showered on me during my stay in Kohima , when you invited me as a Visiting Fellow to English dept in Nagaland University.
I also remember your humility and self effacing generosity, in treating all of us, ‘Three Musketeers’ as you fondly called us. Our trip to Kisama is etched in gold in my mind. Specially I love the song ‘God is Love’ so much, I wrote a poem with the title subsequently.  I remain grateful to you for your loving concern for me and my family, specially my two daughters. We stay in touch.
Best wishes and prayers.

Chandra Mouli

Prof. Chandra MauliFormer Professor & EditorEditor, Virtuoso, International Peer-reviewed JournalHyderabad


Dear Fr. A J Sebastian

I was surprised to see an email from you after a long time. But I was immensely happy to see the contents and I hasten to offer you my sincere congratulations for the marvellous work you have done in the Nagaland University. You have proved that Don Bosco’s System of Education works. It depends upon the ingenuity, creativity and personal commitment of individuals like you. Congratulations and I wish you all the best. I am sure you are still ‘young’ to carry out ‘similar’ ministry in another context with even better success.
All the best.
Fr. Barjo

Fr. Philip Barjo sdbDirectorDon Bosco Technical SchoolShillong

The determined spirited man, always ready and never tired. The dedicated drive constantly running in your veins and in the meantime, simplicity defined you. Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice.


You have been a source of inspiration for me. I owe a debt of gratitude for your words of encouragement and motivation which has made me who I’am today. Eventhough you retire, the values and knowledge you imparted and the respect I have for you will never retire. Thank you for everything!

Vekuto VeroExtra Assistant ComissionerBotsa


Dear Father Sebastian,

I hope your health improves and that you become even stronger to continue your wonderful service to the Lord.

All the very best and thank you most sincerely for being a friend and mentor in my academic search for materials and resources. You have always gone out of your way and given the extra mile.

May God Bless and keep you,
With warm regards,
Margaret Ch.Zama

Prof. Margaret ZamaProfessorMizoram Central UniversityMizoram

Dear Father Sebastian,

I just looked at your website. It is a very wonderful project to minister to the youth, and I am interested in writing for it. I would like to ask what specific topics would you want me to write about.

In Christ,
Cristina A. Montes
Lawyer, Philippines

From Cristina A. Montes : Lawyer, Philippines

Dear Dr. Sebastian Saab:

I’m surprised that you have taken voluntary retirement. You have really done a great service to the department during your association with it. It is not surprising that the students have expressed their affection and love for your support and service.

I pray for a wonderful retired life for you and hope you will be still associated with academics.
Kindly send me your postal address with mobile number.


K C Baral

Prof. K.C. BaralDirector The English & Foreign Languages University, Northeast Campus Shillong

Dear Fr. Sebastian,

Sixteen years of teaching in the Central University of Nagaland, teaching thousands of students an inspiration to all. You made a difference in the lives of so many, because you went beyond the subject of English. Congratulations!

Dear Father Sebastian, you might have taken voluntary retirement from the university of Nagaland but you will continue to be an Educator in the larger university of the intellectual universe. May your life continue to be a blessings to many along the way. Wish you good health and fruitful years ahead of you.
Warm regards

Sr. Lolia, fma
Istituto Internazionale Maria Ausiliatrice
Youth Pastoral Sector

Sr. Lolia fmaYouth AnimationIstituto Internazionale Maria AusiliatriceRome

Dear Fr Sebastian

Thank you for your email. I was happy that you were with us. I have checked your website and it is very good.
I wish you a very happy Christmas and new year 2015.
Thank you

Fr Balaraju

from Fr. Balaraju SDB, Provincial, Salesian Province of Hyderabad


Dear Rev Fr Sebastian

Congrats for this wonderful work to help our young people to better understand the value of time and find means to reach their goal in life. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of work in honor of Don Bosco our Founder. Praying for your good health and may your efforts be crowned with success.

With love and prayers.

Sr Mabel Gothorp

Rev. Sr. Maible FMAVice ProvincialSalesian Sisters, Guwahati ProvinceGuwahati